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Q: I would like to get more infos and ask for a quote. How can I get in touch with you?

A: I find that the best way to get more infos and ask me for a quote is by booking a phone call. You can either send me a text or an email so we can arrange it at the most suitable time.

Smart Phone Call

Q: Is the makeup trial necessary? Why and on what does it consist?

A: The makeup trial is necessary because it is a proper consultation where I will analyze your skin and I will create your bespoke bridal makeup. It's the best chance, especially if you have a very sensitive skin, to try out the products I use.

Q: How much in advance do I need to contact you if I want to book the trial?



A: The sooner, the better. Especially for International weddings you need to contact me at least 6 months in advance,  for weddings taking place in the UK I do suggest at least 3 months before your wedding.

Q: Could you do the makeup even for my mom, my sister, my maid of honor, my auntie and my bridesmaids?

A: Of course! Just tell me the right amount of people, in case of big weddings I might bring an assistant with me.

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